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About me:

How I got to this Point:

Hey, I am Aaron on the internet I call myself AaronTheIssueGuy, I originally made this name because I registered on GitHub to report an Issue but liked it enough to make it my default username on the internet and especially the fediverse. I've always been a tech enthusiast and was fascinated by customizing things like games, OSes, etc. Through those interests I slowly doveĀ  further into the tech world until I finally learned programming 2 years ago. This, in combination with switching to Linux started a long journey for me on Reddit and other geek forums. A few years ago I also got an Anet A8 3DPrinter, which led to even more interest for tech in my life. Ever since I am a passionate tinkerer with soft- and Hardware.

When the fediverse changed it all:

Even though all those things influenced my online life, the last year has been extraordinarily exciting for me. As mentioned before I like to spent time in geeky forums and about 6 months ago I stumbled across the Fediverse for the first time. Originally I was looking for a YouTube alternative and found PeerTube I was fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities of this platform and noticed that you could comment with something called Mastadon.

I learned about things like Acticitypub and all the possibilities that came with them. I eventually joined Fosstodon.org and have been using it ever since to communicate with other people that have the same interests as me and share the love for FLOSS and so far I have learned many things by doing so.

My current Projects:

I'm currently working on this page and some Apps for UbPorts. The latest of my projects is building a Python powered Teddit app for UbPorts that makes it convenient to use on mobile devices. I publish all my finished or usable projects on GitHub and plan to keep it that way. If you want to contribute to any of my projects feel free to contact me.

Me irl:

I'll keep this part short: