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Embuary skin for kodi Matrix

If you are like me, you can spend hours customizing your Os, desktop...

13.03.2021, 19:00

Quickstart: Python + Ubuntu Touch apps

This quickstart guide will show you step by step how to get started with python app developement for UbPorts...

10.02.2021, 16:00

Vollaphone - Thoughts part1:

In 2019 the German company "Hallo Welt Systeme" started their first campaign on Kickstarter. They announced and promised a privacy focused...

30.01.2021, 22:00

My Introduction:

Hey, I am Aaron on the internet I call myself AaronTheIssueGuy, I originally made this name because I registered on GitHub to report an Issue but...

29.01.2021, 21:00